In the dark alley of your heart

You tortured me alive

In the dark alley of your soul

You crushed my fragile bones.

But I lust for you

On the nights you come around

Leave me bleeding

Leave me screaming

Leaving me, living for more

Begging, crawling on all fours.

My sin belongs to you

And my love, loves too,

And my love, loves too.

The Void.

Scared of the future.

The breath of my life has gone astray.

My other half has been missing

I’m left crying in the dark,

Trying to keep our destiny at bay

No answers here, I’ll have to discard—

This feeling I’m holding inside.

Should I stay and endure?

And I want to cure

His lonely, broken heart.

Save his good soul

And put it in a jar.

To keep him safe from harm

Self destruction and fake love,

The one you find in a pill

Occupy the void he wants to fill.

He’s down and my love—

He’s unable to feel.


Every clash, a bad trip

You’re my drug, X wanna take

Keep me coming back for more.

Paranoid out of my mind

And this feeling I don’t wanna fight

Levelheaded love won’t happen—

Can’t think straight,

I want you by my side.

Pleasure and pain

Nothing subsides,

My love always gains.

Hell, I’ll drown my ethics for you.

But the little voice inside my head

Always says,

"Be careful where your hungry soul treads—

For the waters are dangerous,

And this love you won’t forget.”

The Other Woman.

I asked him to read my poems,

The ones I so kindly wrote thinking of him.

But he didn’t mind,

All he wanted to do was mention

His ex-girlfriend’s name

A million times.

My verses were so lovingly put together,

I must be a fool to think I could change his heart.

For in his present continuous I’m the target

And he’s throwing the darts.

His aim so good, hits me every time,

Pins me down and leaves me to bleed.

In the present perfect tense

I have grown to love him so,

But with his unbroken ways

He has been thinking of her everyday.

My hope for the future is

That I will forget

This pain ever happened.

In the past I waited for him to come around,

But now there is no hope left to satisfy.

Loving him is a crime—

For I’m the other woman.

Love Letter.

To whom my heart belongs to

The words I have written in this letter

Were put together

To show you just how much

I adore you.

When we first met I knew

My kisses would one day

Belong to you

And the rush I felt

Looking into your eyes

Inspired destiny in my life.

My love for you knows no boundaries

Patience rests upon my love

Taking in each moment they come.

Sweet elevation, each day, loving adoration—

For you.

My darling love, I’m yours forevermore.

Love Me Kind.

My sweet love

Hold me tight

Embrace me

All through the night

Kiss me softly

And love me kind—

Love me kind.

Teardrops have fallen in the past

But now the tides have changed

And I know our love is here to stay

This night won’t be our last

So, kiss me softly

And love me kind—

Love me kind.

Run your fingers through my hair

With your love make me cry

Show me what you feel inside

Let me breathe the same air

So, kiss me softly

And love me kind—

Love me kind.

For I knew the second I looked into your eyes

You were going to impact my life

We have found each other and made it this far

So hold me tight and take me with you on this ride

Kiss me softly—

And love me kind.



To be broken apart by destiny, we are bound.

I knew it was too good to be true

This illusion of me and you—

It’ll never last.

Something that is worthless to persist,

Something that’ll stay in our past.

We know we don’t belong together,

Why should we insist— on something

That already has an ending?

On the last page of our fairytale,

Sadly ever after with no love entailed,

My heart twisting and bending.

I’m not your muse, never was—

And you’ll never be the man

That I’ve always dreamed of,

'Cause— in your heart I'm not found,

To be broken apart by destiny

We are bound.

May it last as long as it has to— stuck in never ending unregretful moments with you.
Last night you appeared in my dreams and spelled out ‘true love’ on my heart.
Meant To Be.

To think we’ve come this far

Many lessons weren’t learned

Stuck still in remote terrain,

Nowhere to go, nothing to gain.

My hope has gone astray,

Surrendered my love

Gave you my pain.

Many will try—

But only love can win this game.

The moment I saw you

Your eyes pulled me in,

Now they’re not letting go,

I’m struggling to move

I’m struggling to throw—

Out my corroded heart.

My love is too strong, I’m unable to hide.

Our fate was foretold.

Let me in,

Free you from sin,

So we can restart

From the beginning,

Rewrite our story, 

And love each other freely—

'Cause I know it was meant to be.




When I’m with you the world around us becomes white noise.

Lightning storm strikes and I’m sick with love,

Gargantuan hunger— starving for lust, and suddenly

Your throat swallows me whole, consuming— my every thought.

Oh bittersweet suffocation, taking my breath away,

And the present wrapping me up with an everlasting embrace.

Diving into you, discovering the dangerous territories of your being,

Becoming whole— traversing eternity.

When I’m with you the world around us becomes white noise.